Visiting BNI Holborn

To fully appreciate the benefits of membership, come along to a meeting as a visitor. Speak to the members about their experience with the BNI format and how it has impacted on their business.

We welcome new visitors to attend our business meeting. Firstly make sure your profession doesn’t clash with any of our members. If you don’t brilliant! Fill in the form below which a chapter member will reply to confirm your attendance.

Please bring enough business cards to hand out to our members and other visitors. You will get a chance to do a 60 second pitch on who you are, what you do and who you are looking for introductions too. It is £20 to attend BNI Holborn.

Go to our about us page to find out more about who we are and where we meet.

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How the meeting will go

  1. Open Networking
  2. Welcome by the Leadership Team
  3. Networking Nuggets
  4. Announce Business Network “Leaders”
  5. Pass the business card box and “Thank you for the business” box
  6. New member induction
  7. Members’ 60-second presentations
  8. Visitor and substitute 60-second presentations
  9. Membership Co-ordinator’s Report
  10. Membership Committee Report
  11. Secretary Treasure’s Report
  12. A member’s 10 minute presentation
  13. Referrals and testimonies
  14. Announcements and reminders
  15. Conduct new member orientation
  16. Conduct visitor orientations
  17. Close meeting.
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