How to have a successful 121

31 Mar How to have a successful 121

1. G.A.I.N.S

Aka Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, Skills…Have a think about each title and how it applies to you and your business.
Goals = Business and personal objectives. What do you want to achieve?

  • Accomplishments = What are you proud of? What goals have you reached? Often accomplishments tell you more about a person (you) than you would think.
  • Interests = Sharing personal interests help you find common ground/connections with others. Thus building stronger relationships
  • Networks = Other than BNI who else do you know, what groups/organisations do you belong too? What referrals can they bring?
  • Skills = What talents or abilities do you have? Sharing this information can spark ideas and build relationships/trust.

2. What should I be listening out for?

When we are out and about – networking, having a drink with friends – what sort of things should we be listening for in conversation. For example “My friend from home is coming up to london for a holiday and they’ve asked me for suggestions for things to do” BOOM! Instant referral for Emma Parker. Or someone complaining of back ache or a stiff neck, this could be a good referral for Sally or Miranda, find out more about the issue and refer them accordingly.

3. If you had to pick one or two products/services that you do what would be they be?

This will help you focus your attention on one thing. Sometimes we come to BNI with a scatter gun approach to what we do. Tell everyone everything we do and hopefully something will come in. I am guilty of this myself. However if you focus your attention on one thing this will focus other members minds when they are out and about and listening out for referrals.

For example: People are starting to think about summer parties at the moment, so for the next couple of weeks my focus will be on perfect summer party venues. My free venue finding service is what I am focusing on.

By Wil Watts from Wil Watts . Events

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