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Sebastiano Ragusa photographer


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I am a professional photographer based in London.

Born in Turin (Italy) in 1964 and after a technical education, I started as a professional photographer in 1989.  My passion for photography began at the age of 15 when my father gave me my first single lens reflex as a Christmas gift.  After so many years I can still say that the encounter with the camera has been love at first sight…

During a 27 year career, I have been commissioned to shoot for a diverse range of clients including fashion stylists, museums, hotels, government agencies, art galleries, restaurants, publishing and theatre companies around the world.

My first exhibition was at the Columbus Centre in Toronto in 1997 with a mix of landscapes and portraits. In 2017 I returned home to Italy, exhibiting in Genoa, with a collective of other photographers focusing on the human form.

Although specialising in interior, fashion, food and still life photography, I have covered many diverse fields of imaging and have a proven track record of quality output, however challenging the assignment.

As well as technically and artistically adept I also offer exemplary levels of integrity, thereby ensuring complete satisfaction for every engagement.

What we bring to the table?

Understand real needs of clients and translate them into beautiful images.

All about me:

Likes: Classic music, opera, arts, museum, books, sushi, sun and sea

Dislikes: heavy metal music, coriander, crowd, stupid people.

One thing you wouldn’t know about me:
I am a non-professional classical singer and I sang in a choir for 15 years.

What word or phrase best sums you up:
Never give up!

What’s your greatest achievement to date: 
Give the best even after 30 years of career.

Quick fire questions:

How long have you been a BNI member?
1 year

What does your company do?

What is your job title?
CEO/Professional Photographer.

What does your role entail, in a nutshell?
Take the best picture of everything.

Why did you decide to take that direction?
Got my first camera when I was 15 and never let it down.

What is the most exciting / rewarding aspect of your role?
To See what a non-professional (other people) photographer can’t see.

Why did you join BNI?
Because I think is a wonderful way to build relationships and grow my business.

What has BNI done for you?
A big and high-level network of contacts and, of course, more business.