Richard Leger

Company name 

Supporting Role Ltd


IT Support

Power group



At supporting Role Ltd we offer exceptional IT and support services to our customers. We work alongside internal IT departments and act as an emergency service to others. To be able to do the kind of work we do, we have to really get to know the businesses with whom we work. Each company is unique and needs to be dealt with accordingly. When an IT system goes down, everyone panics. In what seems like the most challenging times, we stay calm. Our experience and understanding allows us to work under pressure.

Supporting Role Limited originated in the event industry, where deadlines are not just immovable, but where thousands, sometimes millions of people are waiting for you to finish. We have a different approach, a different philosophy, and above all, a professionalism that is second to none.

Supporting Role Limited provides innovative solutions. It has been set up to channel the knowledge and expertise already in existence and provides you with a framework that actively solves your problems cost-effectively and in tune with your organisation. Supporting Role Limited provides smaller companies with the services that they are unable to provide internally.