Pierre Pylypiw

Company name 

ProLanguageTraining Ltd




As a language service provider, we developed from proposing business-focused language courses to  offering translation and interpreting services, mostly to City-based customers in the Insurance, Banking and Legal industries.

Our story

ProLanguageTraining customises language solutions, for business and individuals:

  • Language courses: Any language, all levels, whether it’s for business or with personal objectives in mind!
  • Translation services: certified documents, contracts, brochure, marketing material or web-content

We have 10 years of expertise in Language Training in the City and a team of experienced, qualified, native tutors & translators.

We are extremely flexible and we build the course around YOU & what you want to achieve, sending the tutor DIRECTLY on your premises (or even at yours’), at the time & day of your choice.

ProLanguageTraining, “Your content, your pace, at your time & place”

What we bring to the table

  • Better trans-national communication (London offices of multinational companies, within the company, with clients abroad, and on international markets).
  • Higher competitivity in a multicultural world.
  • Accountability, course management, full monitoring & reporting of the training provided to the HR dept.
  • Fast, reliable, certified -if required-, translation services for individuals and businesses to adapt their business offer to non-British nationals and foreign clients. B2B or B2C .
  • Flexible hours & flexible organisation of the course around each student.
  • Content entirely adapted to the learner and focused on specific objectives.
  • Crème de la crème, native, fully qualified, experienced tutors and translators.
  • Excellence of a service proposed at competitive prices.

About me

Likes: London

Dislikes: Cooked Carrots

What word or phrase best sums you up: Energy, Energy, Energy.

How long have you been a BNI member?
Since 2010


What does your role entail, in a nutshell?
Developing and running the company.

How do you help your community?

ProLanguage is all about helping people to understand each other better in our multicultural world.

What is the most exciting / rewarding aspect of your role?
Seeing highly qualified professionals adapting their career in a new environment. Helping other businesses to adapt their offer to foreign markets.

What has BNI done for you?
It’s a fantastic network of focused, reliable professionals and we would not consider a service provider who is not a member of BNI. Through BNI  we enjoyed a great sense of camaraderie, generated business, and found the best service providers for ProLanguageTraining.

Any pearls of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs / Business Professionals?
Visit a couple of chapters in the London area, then visit ours. You will join BNI Holborn, no doubt!