Networking Tip

20 Mar Networking Tip

Networking is more than just shaking hands & passing out business cards. The number one thing entrepreneurs need to remember relating to networking is that people who take the time to build their social capital are the ones who will have new business referred to them over and over again. Master networkers possess the following traits in descending order. If you follow their example, you will master the art of networking too.

  1. Follows up on referrals
  2. Have a positive attitude
  3. Is enthusiastic/motivated
  4. Is trustworthy
  5. Has good listening skills
  6. Networks always
  7. Thanks people
  8. Enjoys helping others
  9. Is sincere
  10. Works his or her network

See a trend with these 10 points? They all tie in to long-term relationship building. The key is to build mutually beneficial business relationships. Only then will you succeed as a master networker.

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