Michelle Mills

Company name 

Hudson Weir


Insolvency Practitioner

Power group


Bio and story

I began my insolvency career at a top 20 accountancy firm in 2006 after graduating from university, took my Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2009 and passed my JIEB qualification in November 2012. I gained my Insolvency Licence in 2013 and am licensed by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

I moved to Hudson Weir in April 2017 and have a wealth of experience across all types of insolvency proceedings, having dealt with Administrations and large liquidations previously and working for a larger firm, I prefer to focus on client care and a pragmatic and problem-solving approach to all insolvency situations. In my last role, I ran an investigation team at a top 10 boutique insolvency firm, focusing on asset tracing and antecedent transactions. This enables me to give specialist advice to directors in the period prior to and during insolvency processes as well as advise creditors regarding their options for recovery.

What we bring to the table

Hudson Weir opened in 2015 as we saw a gap in the market for an independent practice that listens to their clients, working with them to find practical solutions, rather than selling insolvency when it may not be necessary. We have been praised by our clients for our care and compassion in handling personal and sensitive issues and even though we are rapidly expanding, we still retain the personal service of a smaller firm.

All about me:

Likes: openness, laughter, puppies and gin.

Dislikes: dishonesty and crowds.

One thing you wouldn’t know about me:
I am also a trained singer.

What word or phrase best sums you up:
There are so many words, I can’t pick just one.

What’s your greatest achievement to date: 
Passing my JIEB exams and becoming 1 of only 2000 people qualified in the UK to give insolvency advice.

Quick fire questions:

How long have you been a BNI member?
Since January 2018

What does your company do?
Helps people and companies in financial distress.

What is your job title?
Associate Director.

What does your role entail, in a nutshell?
Running a firm, meeting clients and putting financial strategies in place.

Why did you decide to take that direction?
I fell into the job and haven’t ever left. I loved it so much I now couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What is the most exciting / rewarding aspect of your role?
Helping people recover from a business failure and move on to bigger and better things.

Why did you join BNI?
Because I think is a wonderful way to build relationships and grow my business

What has BNI done for you?
To expand my network.