Rob Boll

Member Since: 11-08-2015

  • Company: Holdsworth Advantage

  • Profession: Business Advisor

  • Power Group:

    • Business Support
    • Finance & Legal

  • Contact Number:

    • 07980 589445

  • Skills:

    • Business Growth
    • Business Development
    • Business Partnering
    • Consultancy
    • Management Accounts
    • Cloud Accounting

  • Website: Click here

Rob Boll

Holdsworth Advantage provides a Business Excellence Advice service – a service that helps SMEs uncover and deploy the formula for success. Working on business strategy, sales growth, marketing strategy, lean operating, and continuous improvement, clients notice visible and tangible results as a result of working with Holdsworth Advantage


  1. How long have you been a BNI member? 1 year in BNI, Since August 2015
  2. What does your company do? Business Advice to SME Business Owners and Directors. Also fulfil role of Interim or Part-Time COO & CFO.
  3. What is your job title? Business Advisor
  4. What does your role entail, in a nutshell? I work with business owners and directors to help them grow and improve their business. Looking at what the goals of the business, formulating a solid plan that I help implement to get them from where they are to where they want to be.
  5. Why did you decide to take that direction? I saw an opportunity to take my CIMA qualification and my experience working within some larger originations to focus on helping SMEs achieve more.
  6. How do you help your community? SMEs are often described as the engine room of the UK economy and by helping SME business owner I help people grow businesses which results in more profit for the owners and jobs in the community.
  7. What is the most exciting / rewarding aspect of your role? I like seeing businesses improve and the people within the business working more effectively and enjoying what they do and business owner building capital value in their business asset.
  8. What has BNI done for you?  BNI has been great to extend my professional network and provide an extended sales team which can promote my business and the value I add.
  9. Any pearls of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs / Business Professionals?  When running your own business, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. People that make that brave decision to work for themselves need to stick at it and the reward will follow.

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