Peter J Batkin

Peter Batkin Bespoke Commercial Cleaning

Member Since: 04-03-2008

  • Company: BugBusters

  • Profession: Office Cleaning

  • Power Group:

    • Property Services

  • Contact Number:

    • 0800 916 9898

  • Skills:

    • Daily office cleaning
    • Deep cleaning
    • Builders cleans
    • Window Cleaning including abseiling
    • carpet cleaning
    • PC Cleaning

  • Website: Click here

Peter J Batkin

BNI has provided us with connections to business via other members sometimes in hard-to-visualise ways. We get a steady stream of business from BNI members and also use the services of fellow members for our business as they have proven to be trustworthy and very reliable.

We are a family business specializing in office and electrical cleaning ie PCs and telephones. BugBusters cleans offices for clients with up to 200 staff and offers electrical cleaning of pcs,printers, fax machines and photocopiers of as many as a firm has. We look after over 100 companies with pcs numbering from 10 to 3,000 including many blue chip names. Our success is based on a highly motivated staff, highly trained, highly supervised with a strength in our methodology that is unbeatable. We have a GP and an IT Director on our board meaning that we are always up to dates on changes in technology as well as being able to resolve health issues arising from bacteria and viruses in the workplace.


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