Mia Forbes Pirie

Member Since: 17-01-2017

  • Company: Intelligent Change

  • Profession: Executive Coach and Mediator

  • Power Group:

    • Business Support
    • Finance & Legal
    • Health & Wellness

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    • (0) 7957 8 12345

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Mia Forbes Pirie


Mia has worked with clients ranging from the US and Mongolian governments to the Church of England. She recently facilitated high level conversations around the humanitarian dimension of the refugee crisis in Turkey. Mia also works with busy executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing, or make other important changes in their lives, and move towards their highest potential.

Whether working with individuals, companies or international governments, Mia’s approach stems from a background steeped in mindfulness training and conflict resolution. She helps people find intelligent solutions to difficult problems. Underpinning all her work is a desire to be of service and to create sustainable, intelligent change.

Mia is an expert in intelligent global change. Her talent lies in helping people to have better conversations, creating a neutral platform for dialogue in her work as a skilled facilitator, mediator and executive coach. Mia is multi-lingual, has a Masters in EU Law and an MSc in Environmental Technology. She is a certified mediator, an executive coach, and has trained as a mindfulness and yoga instructor.

Mia helps organisations find intelligent solutions to difficult problems and individuals manage stress and create intelligent sustainable change in their lives.

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