What Makes Good Networking?

27 Jun What Makes Good Networking?

We’ve all been to those networking events (other than BNI) through which we get nothing in terms of business. E.g. You’re invited by a friend/business acquaintance, trust their judgement: “It is completely relevant for you, there will be some very interesting people there”. You meet the friend at the station, go with them and the event turns out to be full of people who are just out to drink. And drink. Or the other attendees are on a different level in terms of ‘seriousness’ (yes, I’m being polite here – interpret that as you will). Or, the attendees in general seem to be very nice people, but are from industries that you feel that you cannot relate to at all.

Interesting people are not enough. Often, relying upon the opinion of someone you don’t know that well on a business level, is not enough. What is your purpose of attending an event? If you are a member of a BNI chapter, you are with us to build business relationships, learn new skills and make money.

Things to consider when choosing networking events:

  • What is its purpose?
  • What type of attendees are normally there?
  • Is the cost likely to be outweighed by possible business leads?
  • Location, location, location
  • Could I develop relationships with other attendees

What else do you consider when choosing other networking events?

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