Frédéric Royer

Company name 

Frog Telecom

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Power Group

Business services


I am in the technological sector for 20 years (telecoms, IT, new technologies) working for different companies in Paris (France) before creating my own business in Paris in 2007 and in London 3 years ago.
We are an international company based in London and Paris.

About me

Likes: London, the pubs, David Bowie

Dislikes: Negative people


One thing you wouldn’t know about me

I began in retail, selling clothes! A very good way to learn how to sell.

What word or phrase best sums you up


What’s your greatest achievement to date

Made the move to live in London, beginnings a business from scratch

Quick fire questions:

How long have you been a BNI member? 

4 years

What does your company do?

Frog Telecom is a telecoms company based in London, providing integrated communications and collaboration solutions in the UK and in other countries (Europe, US, …).

Our customers range in size from 5 employees to 500 employees.

–What is your job title?


What does your role entail, in a nutshell?

I am in charge of the business development

Why did you decide to take that direction?

I love London and it was my intention to build an international company from London.

What is the most exciting / rewarding aspect of your role?

It’s a challenging role because we have to face a tough competition but regarding the big providers like BT in the UK for instance we provide to our clients a bespoke solution , a dedicated interlocutor and we are an international partner for them.

Why did you join BNI?

To build a good network of partners , to find clients and suppliers to help to grow the business.

What has BNI done for you?

Bni has helped me to get to know people especially at the beginning when you arrive from another country. It also helps you to improve your presentation skills and of course to grow your business.

Any pearls of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs / Business Professionals?

Pearls of wisdom from Confucius: It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.