Charlotte Vandersleyen

Company name 



Interior Designer / Architect

Power Group

Property & Trade


Having worked for others for the last 10 years, Charlotte gained experience in a number of fields: from Urban design to Architecture and interiors, both in the commercial (offices, restaurants, shops) and high end residential sectors (large developments to single dwellings). She designed numerous projects both in the uk and abroad and provides a full à la carte service to find the best solution for your space in her London based studio: Busilis.

What we bring to the table 

At BUSILIS we believe in delivering high quality to our customers. We provide a tailored interior design and architecture service making sure we deliver the best project for YOUR space. Our goal is to produce original designs that reflect our clients´’ personalities. We propose functional, cost effective yet inspiring solutions to implement your ideas, realising your vision to the last detail.

About me

Likes: Getting straight to the point.

Dislikes: Cinnamon.

What word or phrase best sums you up ?

Life is what you make it.

What’s your greatest achievement to date:

Opening my own business

Quick fire questions:

How long have you been a BNI member?  5 months.

What does your company do? Interior / Architecture

What is your job title? Director

What does your role entail, in a nutshell? Project management, company admin, marketing, everything from start to finish!

Why did you decide to take that direction? A few of my projects were getting awards and I was feeling that I wasn’t getting the recognition for my work. After a few years of experience, I was feeling I had gained the knowledge I needed to open my own business.

How do you help your community?

I help people improve their living environment. I help investors increase the return on their investment. I provide a hands off design service for busy people.

What is the most exciting/rewarding aspect of your role?

The creative part of my job is about 10%. The rest of it is admin, management, cad drawing, schedules etc… But when the project comes to an end and I have a happy client I think it was totally worth it.

Why did you join BNI?

One of my former employers is a BNI member and I could see how this helped him grow as people kept recommending his services.

What has BNI done for you? 

Any pearls of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs / Business Professionals?