BNI Holborn Joins The BNI Big Breakfast

12 Jun BNI Holborn Joins The BNI Big Breakfast

BNIBIGBREAKFAST1Yesterday members of BNI Holborn attended a very special event in the BNI calendar, the BNI Big Breakfast.

The event took place at the stunning Chelsea Harbour Hotel and saw over 200 BNI members from across London and the South East come together for a morning of networking, learning and recognition.

As fitting with any BNI Event the first hour of the event was formed of networking over a buffet breakfast. Meeting members other chapters and visiting the trade stands of the event sponsors, including our own Miranda Food of Positive Spirit Massage. Following the breakfast we then heard from two speakers each providing valuable lessons in developing your BNI experience.

First up on the stage was Charlie Lawson, BNI Director and author of ‘The Un-Natural Networker. Charlie shared his story of how he, despite being a BNI Director, is a very shy person when it came to networking. He told us how he managed to overcome his nerves and how we can be the best networkers we possibly can be. Key learning points for me were being able to spot other un-natural networkers at events, what conversations and questions to use when networking and most importantly following up on connections we make during events.

Following Charlie was Greg Davies a Business Referral Specialist from BNI South East Area who led the discussion on story telling. Every one of us has a story. Either how were got to where we are today or an interesting tales about our business and where we want to go with it. Business referrals come from a place of trust and authenticity, by sharing our stories with our fellow chapter members were are building relationships with them and building the bond that allows them to find us better referrals.

The last part of the event was to recognise some of the best networkers, chapters and members we have in the BNI family. Massive congratulations to our very own Liz Marsh, of Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design for winning the ‘Givers Gain’ award for the London Area. It was great to see this kind of recognition for Liz’s contribution as Chapter Director, Referral Provider and ambassador for the beliefs in BNI.

Go Liz!

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