Our 5 Business Networking Benefits

06 Feb Our 5 Business Networking Benefits

Dedicating time to business networking is something we know we should all do. Attending a breakfast at BNI Westend could mean time away from your children, having to give up a trip to the gym or even forgoing the benefits of good old beauty sleep. We know we should network but it’s not always an easy commitment to make.

I don’t want to preach today about the obvious benefits of business networking for your business, anyone who knows anything about networking will understand those benefits already. Today we’re just going to look at all those little perks that you probably don’t consider when weighing up whether to join a networking group.


You can never have too many friends in life! Meeting new people in this digital age that we live in is getting harder and harder. What better way to meet people in your area and get to know your community than by doing business with them! If you work in all consuming business environment it’s always refreshing to learn and enjoy people from other industries – it can offer perspective and innovation.


If you have just started up your own business you might be a one man band to begin with, or perhaps you are freelance and spend a lot of the day by yourself. It can get quite lonely spending all day in front of a computer or desk – a networking meeting to kick-start your day or week should help to inspire and energise you. Chapter members should also help to give individuals a sense of being in a team – people you can always rely on to bounce ideas off and offer support.  In fact BNI has a new initiative to support budding business people or ideas.

Face to Face Interaction

Technology is a wonderful thing and social networking has revolutionised the way we interact with each other. However there is still something to be said for good old face to face communication. We spend a huge amount of time staring at screens and keyboards; a networking meeting is a good opportunity to break free from that routine and talk about businesses face to face.

A sense of satisfaction

Networking can be very rewarding. Of course the main aim of the game is to gain business and networking contacts for yourself, but if you are a good networker, you will know that the only way to be successful in your own networking is by helping others out with theirs. It’s not always easy to give other people a helping hand, we all lead busy lives, but a networking meeting will help you to help others – and that always feels pretty good to most!


Public speaking is a daunting process for many. Unless you are one of those incredibly lucky people who have never found it an issue – the idea of public speaking can cause sleepless nights. Speaking at your chapter meeting is a great way to gradually overcome speaking fears – get in some practice in a small group and build your confidence. The more you encourage yourself to speak, the better and less nervous you will become. It’s not always to easy to find the opportunity to practice but a networking meeting once a week is the perfect environment.

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